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BuilderWerks is first and foremost a timely and accurate communications tool that takes advantage of speech-recognition technology to streamline operations management...”
























Just Say It and Send It!™

BuilderWerks® Features


BuilderWerks was developed for jobsite communications productivity. It employs IntoText DirectiveDictate®, first perfected in the medical transcription industry. This technology provides users with a failsafe workflow – from their recorded spoken observations to processing of their dictation-based text – by using a voice recognition enhancement known as 'voice ticketing'.

The result is a powerful tool that is smooth and simple to use, highly accurate, and tireless in its processing of endless real-world information that comes in every day from the field.

Here’s how easy it is to use BuilderWerks jobsite communication management systems: 

  • Dictate into a digital recorder throughout the day as you walk your jobsites.
  • The recorder transfers your words into a computer, converting your speech into text.
  • BuilderWerks then sorts that text and e-mails or faxes it as detailed messages, automatically, to everyone who needs to know.
  • Finally, BuilderWerks documents everything accurately and completely, so nothing will “fall through the cracks” on your jobs ever again! 

BuilderWerks simplifies your day and helps you manage: 

  • Punch items
  • Scheduling
  • Backcharges
  • Reminders
  • Documentation
  • Corrections
  • Customer communications
  • Warranty Issues
  • Planning
  • Important notes to yourself

BuilderWerks systems include all this: 

  • Digital recorder
  • Professional noise-canceling headset
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred® software
  • BuilderWerks® software with IntoText DirectiveDictate® software
  • Installation/configuration assistance, training, and support
  • BuilderWerks Wireless™ versions include a Blackberry® or similar high quality phone/PDA device
  • BuilderWerks Translator™ versions include SYSTRAN® language translation software