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BuilderWerks is first and foremost a timely and accurate communications tool that takes advantage of speech-recognition technology to streamline operations management...”
















Just Say It and Send It!™


Contractors can use digital recorders in combination with handsfree headsets for best voice recognition results on the job.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking vERsion 9  Spanish and EnglishSony Digital Recorder can be used for excellent recording and recognition on the job site.Blackberry Cellular technology is an optional feature of BuilderWerks

On this page we explain much of the 'nitty-gritty' tech stuff about BuilderWerks.

Here is the short version:

We've developed a better way to make amazing technologies--noise-cancelling headsets, digital recorders, cell phones, wireless networks, the Internet, computers, voice recognition software, and forms management/distribution software--work together, to help you do your job faster, easier, better, and more economically. We call that better way BuilderWerks.

Your primary tools are a headset and the digital recorder. A noise-cancelling headset keeps the noise of the jobsite out of what you are saying while the recorder is storing your spoken notes as 'clean' sound. BuilderWerk's manages the rest of the process until you have the email, fax or paperwork you need to finish the job.

Here is the long version:

Sony Digital Recorder can be used for excellent recording and recognition on the job site.


* The Sony ICD-MX20 digital voice recorder stores audio onto 32MB of built-in flash memory or your choice of Memory Stick PRO Duo media. Different Memory Sticks in capacities ranging from 32MB to 512MB can be inserted into the unit.

* Compatible with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred® software, the ICD-MX20 lets you play back your recording and watch as your words appear on the computer screen.

* Built-in stereo and directional Microphones for extra convenience, eliminates the need for an external microphone. (Note: IntoText Corp. still recommends a noise-cancelling headset for noisy environments.)

* USB 2.01 compatible via USB port on a PC.


A headset microphone of exceptional sound quality, such as the Sennheiser ME3, is intended for speech applications that require the maximum movement and close proximity signal reproduction. Applications with high jobsite noise present no problem, and behind-the-head design of the headset does not interfere with your hardhat.

The headband is comfortable and immovable, enabling use during exertive activities. The super-cardioid condenser design offers excellent feedback rejection from machinery and sharp noises.


Blackberry Cellular Phone Options include removable smart card and wireless modem capability

The BlackBerry® 88XX smartphones have features you need stay in touch:
  • Wireless Transmitter: Serves as the communications link between the jobsite and your office.
  • Wireless email: Send, receive, forward and reply to messages, and view attachments in popular file formats.
  • Unlike traditional mobile phones, BlackBerry 88XX Series smartphones can be centrally managed and supported by IT departments.
  • Unprecedented Speech Recognition Accuracy
  • Dictate Into More Handheld Devices

IntoText's DirectiveDictate workflow technology was developed to provide professionals with a failsafe documentation and forms management system. BuilderWerks uses our exclusive workflow technology behind the scenes to integrate sound, voice recognition, text, transmissions, document storage, recall, and optional output (print, fax, email).

Short on staff? No problem. If you would like to outsource the task of actually processing your dictation, it can be e-mailed automatically to our transcription service. We produce the same body of text that you would create on your own, but proofed for grammatical accuracy and mis-statements by the speech recognition engine. As an additional service, we can "mark up" your dictation with the actual BuilderWerks commands that (apparently) should have been dictated.

The resulting text is ready for you to process with BuilderWerks because the commands for creating records of data from your dictation are part of the proofed text. (You dictated the commands, remember?) You can still review and massage this material before directing BuilderWerks to convert it into reports and e-mails.

  • Turnaround time: “Next Business Day” is standard, shorter is negotiable.
  • Quality: Our head of transcription has 37 years experience in/around medicine, including 26 years of transcription service and seven years technical experience in x-ray, radiation therapy, and nuclear medicine.
  • Dependability: Your documents are there when you need them, with the degree of professional editing you desire.


Construction superintendent Robert Ratliff sold a house to a woman who came to his jobsite in Austin, TX. She visited at the urging of a friend who was one of Robert’s customers. That customer told her friend about the quality and frequency of Robert’s updates, dictated and e-mailed daily using BuilderWerks. There was no ongoing construction detail that Robert’s customer couldn’t know the same day. That level of customer service convinced the customer’s friend to buy from Robert. She cancelled her contract for a house in another subdivision, and then purchased a new home from Robert on the spot.