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Just Say It and Send It!™

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How BuilderWerks® for Safety Works:

Visual illustration of how BuilderWerks can be used by OSHA Safety Officers.  There is no sound

1. Your safety auditor talks into a digital recorder while walking the property. He/she can report safety violations or good practices, dictating issues, times, resolutions, or follow-ups.

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2. The 'auditor's' recording is transfered into a computer. 
(Auditor or office staff can do this).

3. The BuilderWerks for Safetyb system converts spoken observations into text, sorts it all out by recipient, and delivers it to management and interested parties by fax, email or print out depending on the recipient and severity of issues.

4. Safety directors, risk managers, and contractors are notified with a continuity of reporting by property, contractor, infraction area, issue and issue abatement.